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Hunting spot maps added to favorites

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Messing around with Google maps I found when zoomed into your favorite hunting areas, if you right click when you are off the map area itself, you will get the option to “add to favorites”. You can save it to a directory of “hunting maps” for example. Then you can go into favorites and with that link highlighted you can right click and you get the option to “rename”. You can end up with a whole directory of quick links to your favorite hunting spots to set up a game plan of your next hunt from what how you going to drive there, to terrain(topo), and finding fields, water, and speculating travel routes.Here is an example of a place I found early spring that had a deer trail three feet wide leading into the river, where they crossed to a farmers corn field. The area I was in is the peninsula and the trail was to the field to the left. To bad it is a state park. Washington State Park

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