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Picture posting guidelines.

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While we love to look at pictures, there are some basic rules that need to be followed when posting pictures to the forums. 1. Any pictures that are pornographic in nature, offensive in general, or deemed unacceptabe in any other way will be removed immeadiately by the staff, and the person posting them is subject to penalty up to, and possibly including, being banned from the site. 2. We do not allow political posting here, and that includes pictures. Please refrain from posting political based pictures here as they will be removed by the staff.3. Please make your pictures no larger than 640 pixels wide, or in the case of tall slender pictures, no taller than 640 pixels. Pictures larger than this are subject to removal without warning. If you are having trouble resizing your pictures, contact a staff member, we will be glad to help you.These rules are subject to change and addition without notice at any time.

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