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Finally have my arrows finished for the season!

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With only 2 weeks to spare, I finally finished my arrows for the upcoming season. It's a labor of love that takes me a lot of time but I enjoy every minute of it! These are mahogany shafts that I got from Kevin Forrester, of Forrester Wood Shafts. He makes the best hardwood shafts available in my opinion. He also sends 14 shafts when you buy a dozen. The shafts have been dyed, had designs burned onto them, colored with markers and paint, and sealed up with polyurethane. The finished weight of my arrow this year is around 640 grains which is over 100 grains lighter than I normally shoot. I am, once again, hunting with 190 grain Meathead broadheads. They are easy to sharpen and get the job done. Come on September 15th!



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