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My new custom box call

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I wanted to share this pleasant surprise that I received yesterday. This is a box call made by a feller I went to high school with by the name of David Ferguson. I hadn't spoken to David since he graduated from school in 1981, a year ahead of me, and had no idea he had become a renowned call maker until I saw an article about him in a magazine a few years ago. He and I have now become reacquainted through Facebook and have found we share several interests. I had a gig to play Monday night down where we grew up and he told me to come over to his place Tuesday to visit a spell.

Interestingly enough, when I asked David for directions to his house he told me I ought to know them because he was living on my great-uncle Otho Haverstick's farm in Ink, MO. Uncle Otho died back in the 70's so I had to get my directions refreshed a little. So I went over there this morning to visit and was really excited to see his operation. However, I was completely bowled over when he presented me with two matching calls that he had made for me and my brother, Dale. The butternut body and the osage lid had both come from trees off of that farm that my Uncle Otho used to own. To say these calls are special is an understatement!



Here's a sound clip of me using the call. Its tone is incredible! I bet someone skilled at using a box call could really make it sing. Hopefully, I will be able to put it to good use this fall or spring.


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