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Opening Day In My Neck Of The Woods

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Got me some skillet meat, opening day. He was an old buck with a weird rack. Huge spread, but only six short points. 

I hunted pretty much all day. That morning, I saw this buck chasing a doe, but had no shot opportunity. Later that afternoon, a doe came running out in to the field, with this guy, on her heels. When they got to 250 yds, they stopped broadside, and I shot. He fell to the ground, but immediately jumped up and leaped in to the woods.  By this time, it was getting pretty dark, so I called my youngest son, and he came and helped me track and load my deer.  We found him within 100 yds of where I shot him. I hit him in the neck. 



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Nice buck. I didn't even get a shot during regular season, then got one only day I could make it during antlerless, but I don't know what happened. Deer jumped and ran off after the shot with tail high, but I never found blood, or it laying anywhere after looking for 5 hours.

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