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Got my new flintlock turkey gun!

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This is the latest addition to my black powder arsenal: A 20 gauge smoothbore with a turkey choke built into the barrel. This was made by my good friend, John Pruitt, in Spring City, TN. I sent him the Colerain barrel and large Siler lock kit and he did the rest. He carved the stock from a piece of walnut he had laying around and trimmed it up with Osage orange. All it cost me was a Lakota quiver and 4 dozen homemade cookies that I made for him. He had the gun finished in less than a month. It was the cookies that prompted the fast service!

I received the gun this past Friday and after 25 minutes of removing bubble wrap and tape (John must own stock in those companies) I ran to the woods to try out my new toy. Two shots later I had two dead squirrels. Now it's time to work on the animals the gun was intended for!




John didn't have any business cards so I had these made up for him. They suit him perfectly!




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