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Finished my arrows for the 2016-2017 season

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Each year I make a set of arrows for the upcoming season and I finally got these finished yesterday. I tried a new wood that I really like the looks of; golden mahogany that I got from Forrester Wood Shafts. I was able to go down in diameter from 11/32" to 5/16" but still keep my weight up. Another thing I did differently this year was use permanent markers to decorate my arrows. I usually do them in two colors and flame crest them but this year I went for the "totem pole" look. I'm pretty happy with the result. I chose blue and natural barred turkey feathers for the fletching. Blue is not a color normally found in the woods during fall and winter so, hopefully, it will make my arrows easier to find if the need arises.

The back-of-point length of these is 28.5" and the average weight is 720 grains. I think they spined around 63 pounds. After my moose hunt last year, I am sold on single bevel broadheads and this year I'm trying out Vintage Archery's 190 grain Meathead. I love the looks of the 3 to 1 taper!



Some of the totems


A turtle


and a rattlesnake


A closeup of the Meathead


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