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One of the more exciting hunts I've had

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Got back from our trip to Pomme de Terre WMA Saturday. For the most part the hunt was uneventful with the warm weather for the beginning part of the week. My buddy, Trent, saw a few cruising deer early in the week, but I think these were just late getting to bedding. I saw absolutely no deer Monday thru Thursday. Then came Friday. Wind was perfect for my stand I had put up early in the week in a funnel near some nuttall oaks that were still dropping heavy. This spot was also in an area that had the timber thinned about 6 years ago. Right at daylight I noticed a young buck feeding under an oak to my west. He passed thru an opening 40yds away but I could not get him to stop for a shot. The grunting and can calling I was doing attracted other deer because immediately after the young buck was out of sight I heard movement to my right. When I looked there were 2 does picking there way thru the brush. No shot opportunity presented itself as this side of the funnel is much too thick. Not even 5 minutes went by when I noticed movement in the palmettos near the same oak the young buck had been feeding under earlier. It was a huge bodied buck. He made his way to a sapling and began working it over til it eventually broke. He then started making a scrape under the broken sapling. All this attracted another buck that ran in to challenge the big buck that was putting on the show. Well the show was about to get much better. The younger buck ran in and squared off against the much bigger buck that was making the scrape. They clashed antlers for just a second when the smaller buck realized he was no match for his much bigger counterpart, but still didn't leave. They circled and stared each other down for the next 5-6 minutes. I was making soft grunts and doe bleats to try to get one of them to break away and investigate. Finally the smaller buck, a 2 yr old 8 pointer, began making his way in my direction. He approached to within 11 yds of my position and had I waited another 5 seconds, he would have given me a broadside 8yd shot, but instead I took the 11yd quartering to me shot and ended up hitting him a little back of where I was aiming. I watched him run off and made note of the compass bearing of the last place I saw and heard him. With the shot location, I figured I would give him about 4hrs before I started looking. In the meantime, the deer activity continued. Two more young bucks, both 8 pts, passed in the thick brush to my right following a doe. I played with them a little, watching them respond to grunts and bleats until they eventually followed the doe off. At about 8am I saw movement under the oak again. It was 2 does. Now these were fair game. On their current path they would pass thru an opening 38yds away. I was ready when the first doe reached the opening but she immediately turned facing me and began browsing. I held at full draw hoping she would give me a good angle. That didn't happen and she and the doe with her fed out of range staying in the thick brush.

The hunt itself was probably one of the more exciting hunts I've had in Louisiana. But all that was capped off by me not finding the buck that ran off with my arrow. Searched for most of that afternoon and the following morning. Once again I made crucial mistakes that have cost me a deer. Only one hunting trip remains for me to be able to make one more kill before my season comes to a close.

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