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Bowonly's 2015 hunting journal

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My first hunt at the NWR I've been waiting to hunt for 3yrs. Set up on the border of some private property where the deer have been hitting persimmons on their way back to bedding after feeding on the private property during the night. Wind was out of the NW, temps in the upper 50s that morning. A little after 8am look at edge of private property and see what looks to be a herd of deer headed my way....8 to be exact. All does and yearlings. They get nervous in the open lane between the private and NWR and begin to run past my shooting lane. Now all 8 of them are to my right anywhere from 15-5 yds away and I have no opportunity for a shot, a limb prevents me from pivoting that way. All 8 get off unscathed. About 20 minutes later 2 more, a doe and fawn are heading to the NWR but also get nervous in the open lane and pass by in an area too thick to shoot into. Nothing else seen that morning.

That afternoon set up in a dried up slough where another group of persimmons are being utilized. Only sighting was a deer passing thru the brush about 80yds out. Gender unknown...head remained down.

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