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Impulse bought a rimfire pistol.

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I'd been a pretty good boy this year and only bought a couple guns.  I replaced my competition glock with a S&W M&P Pro Core and impulse bought a Ruger Super blackhawk 7 1/2" 44mag which has been more fun than expected. 

Then I ran across a thread discussing some milsurp Beretta pistols that had come from Israel. 

The Beretta 71 in 22lr with (supposedly) factory threaded barrel.  To meet import restrictions, Century Arms attached semi permanent faux suppressors to meet an overall length requirement.  It's an 8+1 22lr, single action, semi auto with a steel slide, alloy frame, and 3.5" barrel.  The reviews on it say that they are well made, accurate, and the pistol functions with all ammo and the majority are in very good condition.

I do a quick look on my favorite online toy retailer and find one for less than $300. If my wife ever found out how easy they make it to spend money on guns, she'd burn the building down. 

I'll have more info and some better pics when I pick it up tomorrow.



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Hey, Just like all my projects this one almost took a year.  Suppressor removal was a giant pain.  Followed the instructions, filed down to the head of the setscrew, cleaned out the hex head, and promptly stripped said head. Drilled out set screw and suppressor still wouldn't move. Borrowed some end mill bits and drilled some more. Still wouldn't move.  Finally took it to work and bandsaw cut off all of the suppressor past the end of the barrel.  Scored the remaining piece on both sides down almost to the threads.  Beat scored groves with a chisel until they popped apart.  Cleaned the 1/2 x 20 threads up with a die.   With all the clamping the barrel in the vice, I'd mangled the lugs on the barrel that slide into the frame.  Cleaned those up with files until the barrel fit tight into the frame.

Then I noticed that the hammer wasn't cocking.  Pulled the grips and could see that the sear wasn't resetting reliably after the trigger was pulled.  Threw the frame in the ultrasonic cleaner for 3 hours and got rid of all the old packing grease.

The little 71 weighs less than the fake can that I removed.  It's about the same size as a walther ppk.  The finger extension on the mags make the grip about perfect.  The finish was very good with a few storage marks on the alloy frame.  The plastic grips seem to have taken the majority of the abuse.  The gun hasn't been shot much as the alloy slide rails have zero wear from use. Sights are small but usable. Trigger is a very nice and crisp single action.

Took "A" (my new 9 year old foster son) out last weekend to do some shooting and brought the Beretta. I'd forgotten how much fun .22 pistols are to shoot.  Gun ran great with the cheap Remington golden bullets.  I had a couple of rounds come out of the mag feed lips high and not chamber until I pushed the tip of the bullet down.  This could be from the aftermarket Triple K mag I'd brought along but I didn't check which mag I was using when it occured.  Accuracy was fantastic.  It shot to POA.  I put a 2" group on a 3" target on the dueling tree at 20-25yards.


Even after all the trouble with removing the fake can I am seriously considering getting another one.  They are a neat piece of history at a reasonable price. I'm betting that the surplus supply dries up quickly.

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