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More smokepole squirrels

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I just can't help myself when it comes to killing these critters! I have a bunch of white oaks right around my house and they are loaded with acorns. The squirrels are lining up to dine on them and it sure helps ease my hunting jones by bringing a few of them to the house with Ole Betsy. 


I killed several singles this weekend mainly because they were squirrels of opportunity and I wasn't really hunting them. I'd step out on the porch to go do something and hear one whittling on a nut so I'd go back in, get my flinter and go back out to make some smoke. I did actually go out and hunt yesterday morning and got a double but one of them was in the white oak at the corner of the porch so I can't say I really had to hunt him much.


I was telling my buddy, Cool Johnny, about my escapades at his barber shop this past Saturday and he started whining that he sure could use a mess of fried squirrel. Seeing as how I had plenty, I turned some of my carcasses into vittles last night and will be bringing those to him and the boys for lunch today; fried squirrel, fried taters and buttermilk gravy. I purposely did not include the buttermilk biscuits in this photo because I didn't want you all licking your computer screens.




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