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Deaf Camp 2015 and the United Bowhunters of MO

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This past weekend was the 14th year of the Outdoor Skills Camp for the students and families of the Missouri School of the Deaf and the United Bowhunters of Missouri were there, as always, running the archery range and 3D course. This is such an uplifting event to participate in because, most of the time, this is the only vacation these families will take and the kids just love shooting bows!


Here we are unpacking and assembling all the new bows we purchased. Thanks to all of you who donated money to help us replace our stolen equipment!DeafCamp-2Small_zpstaqvyahj.jpg

Getting ready for the crowd...A storm blew through early Saturday morning and that kept the temperature tolerable for the day.DeafCamp-3Small_zpsriyd1tk8.jpg

Slinging arrows and having fun!


I love watching the little ones shoot. Look at the smile on his face!



You can see the arrow in flight in this one.


We were quite proud of this young man's shooting. I wish I could hit a turkey target like that!


I've had this little guy out on the 3D course for the past couple of years and he is always a treat.




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Looks like fun my Sister in Law is deaf. Interesting what we would do, use to go Dancing, many wouldn't think of it but if we got close enough to feel the vibration she did real well. It is so nice now days to visit with her over the Computer. Use to be either through TTY or Relay over the Phone.

Interesting taking her Husband hunting, we shot some Quail, after that he was wanting to shoot all birds. Like to never got him to understand just Quail. LOL


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