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I used Medium Heavy Spinning Equipment, 30# Red Cajun Mono, Palomar Knots on all.

Ok casting far is ok if needed but think of Limb Lines. Another thing I had to think of, had them hitting and I would try setting the Hook, missing them. I thought what about Limb Lines, Catfish will lock down and most the time hook their selves. Put my Rods in Good Holders, have them almost pulling them in, just basically Reel them in.

Good Luck


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I like 10lb P-line, Trilene Big Game or Stren Original for smaller catfish. 10lb is heavy enough for just about anything you will hook into, most of the time. My biggest on it so far is an 18lb blue cat. If you are fishing a place where big catfish are common you may want to step it up a bit.

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