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Huntnutsbro in 2015!

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Well, I did not hunt but 2 times the whole 2014 season. Started a new job that I love and didn't take a day off. I work at JH Custom in bolivar now. Get to work on some sweet cars and trucks everyday now. And now I have weekends off, and am gonna get to hunt this year. So I got a pse bow coming and bought the wife and kids barnett crossbows. They are hoping missouri allows them for normal archery season. I don't have anything against it!

I also sold off all my wildgame and primos cams and am now using browning cams. Have one setup in the field where I always have had one. Will see how it does before I spend more on 2 or 3 more. Figure I have a few months before I start seeing bucks with hea d gear anyway. LoL

Have not been on here in a while, but now that I can on tapatalk I wil be here way more often.

Here is the buck my oldest boy shot last year. A young 10 pointer that I really would rather him not have shot, but hey, he had not shot a buck before, and I got summer sausage. 2d52dd5668435f2f235330ba94dc10d7.jpg

Have also picked up some new land to hunt, won't hunt it often, but its a big chunk, mostly fields/pasture that my uncle owns, but we are gonna see what it holds. Need to thin the yotes out there also.

So we are hoping for a good season. Now the wait! :-)

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Thanks MoHuntress. We hope to have some good ones. We do A LOT of fishing as a family also, boys friends come along a lot. Was big on all night catfishing last year. Had 3 good fish fries. So I will try and post on some of that also.

Some cats from the last few trips.


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