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Made the old man a chest rig for deer hunting.

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Dad got a new hunting spot this year and the longest shot he will have is 30yards so he's been working on setting up his S&W 629 4" 44mag for deer hunting.  After he got the scope on it, it no longer fit his old holster.  I found a picture of a revolver holster (non-scoped) that was mounted to a small chest rig and sent it too him.  Of course he had to have one and had to have it before season this weekend.


Some how I managed to get this right on the first try.  I formed it out of the heavier .093 kydex.  It's open along the entire length of the top with a small channel formed from the scope base over the front sight.  There's 5 eyelets in the front under the barrel to hold the 2 pieces together. Then under the barrel there's 2 tension screws (also adding some strength to the two halves) and another infront of the trigger gaurd. I blocked off all areas that the kydex could sink into so the gun doesn't snap into it like most kydex holsters.  Its only held in by a bit of friction adjusted by the tension screws. I added an eyelet under the tension screws so we could add an elastic hammer strap if the tension screws didnt work as planned.


I'm shocked at how well it works.  It rides fairly close to the chest, the tension is perfect, and it's fairly quiet on the draw.  Dad plans on wearing it over his bibs but under his coat to keep any precip and dirt off of it.  An added bonus to the heavier kydex was that it settled into the flutes of the cylinder preventing the hammer from being cocked with its in the holster.








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