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Looked out this morning and had a red fox laying in the front yard taking a little nap! The gf has been wondering what was eating her dogs food and crapping all around his food bowl and making the dog bark all night! I believe we have our suspect! He was very calm and at home in the yard and I took several pic of him as he just went about his business. . Even snuck to within a few feet of the dog as he slept to see if he was awake! Lol then proceeded to drink out of the dogs water tank as he kept an eye on the dog! Lol then checked the food bowl, went out to visit the horses which also payed absolutely no attention to him as he sat down almost under one horse and watched him eat.. He seemed very at home and obviously wasn't his first visit in the yard! Lol

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That's really cool. Looks like he's going to move in and just be your yard pet. We have a big pack of yotes hanging out at our place and you should hear them screaming at night. Neighbors and us have chickens so that's probably why their hanging out around here. Wish they would go someplace else.

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