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New member, new hunter!

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Hi everyone!

Here is a little about me!

I have been in Kansas City for about 2 years, before that I lived in central Illinois. I am 26 (male) and new to hunting. My family has always been into guns and shooting but not hunting, so I am not unfamiliar to shooting. I will be taking my hunter safety education course on Oct. 6. I plan to go out for rabbit and/or squirrel for my first hunt. I will most likely hit some of the public lands near here as I haven't befriended any landowners around here yet.

Other than that I like hiking, fishing, and spending time outdoors!

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I'd say hang out here a little while get to know a few members in your area and you'll have friends that'll help you along the way. Lots of good folks on this website met many of them ftf thru here and elsewhere. May take a bit to break the ice but I don't think they'd be here if they didn't want to help another whether newbie or old-timer.

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