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2014/15 deer contest entry thread

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Use this thread for entries in the contest.. Please keep the comments in regular posts to make it easier to keep track of score in the contest. Please post a good pic of you with your deer, and weapon included in pic if possible, and tell a little about the hunt and the score and team for the contest. and by all means. Also start a thread in the whitetail section with more pics and the details of the hunt for the rest of us to comment on. good luck everyone and hunt safe!

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Was board so i did the math... Didnt see Daniel Moncier on a team so this estimate doesnt include his buck.                                                                               


Team 1-75

Team 2-225

Team 3-300

Team 4-430

Team 5-0

Team 6-290

these are by no means official results I just wanted to see about where we all stand with rifle season comming soon.

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