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oneshot 1

Back To Eating Very Little

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I have Barrett esophagus and GERD to the point I almost had Cancer. Was told to limit the size of my meals to the size of my fist. Lost weight and was feeling great. Slowly got back to my old habits of eating gained back about half what I had lost.

What's bad when I lost weight everyone said I looked sick, which in truth I was actually sick weighing more.

Been having trouble with Acid Reflux again, just have to go back to eating very little, nothing fried. What is bad with all my other Health Problems, I was told if it tasted Good, spit it out because I'm not to have it. I have found Moderation with some of the Good Stuff, some I have found is just out.


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I feel for you oneshot. My wife has the same conditions. Never heard of the limit to meal size, but her meals aren't much bigger than that anyways. I don't understand how she maintains weight anymore than I understand why I never put any on. I know it's a miserable condition.

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