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Hoytultramag's 2012-2013 season........

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August 9th, 2012Went to check the camera and there was nothing on the camera so I decided that I was going to put up my blind and brush around it a little it here are some pictures that I took I know that I have some brush that needs to be cleared and that is going to happen next week when I am off of work





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August 16th, 2012 card pull Went and checked the camera today since I could not remember when the last time that I checked it and come to find out it was four day ago on the 12th :laughcry:But when I walked up I seen that it had been cleaned out and after coming home and viewing the picture I figured it out 12 yes 12 crows in one picture :scream::cheers:





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Any good deer hunter know the best time to see tree rats is when you are hunting deer. So I thought that I would pull a quick one on the tree rats and pretend that I was deer hunting this morning, little did they suspect I would shoot at them LOLBagged a couple more :cheers:



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