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Dirts Bluegill stories

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Sorry guys right now I dont have any pics of any thing but Crappie. but I will get some up.I like to Bluegill/hybrid/shellcracker fish best place I found is Duckcreek CA near puxico there are some monsters. Last time I went my Dad and I fished all day 6 hrs or so cruising around and caught nothing we was headed back to the dock and bam we caught them we sat between 3 cypress trees and caught 51 fish between us. the fish in the wire baskets totaled about 54 lbs, most where a foot long and 7-8\" tall. Some of the best fighting fish ever they would bend my bass pole double! and my 12\' plole was great to slingshot the out of the water. I might have to make a trip up to Duck Creek this weekend!

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went and caught a few this weekend me and Dad spent some quality time together hunt\'n down these darn things and come to find out we never had to leave the bank they were all caught within casting distance from the road....the boat ride as fun though its always interesting cutting through lilly pads and getting stuck on stumps out in the middle..LOL here ya\'ll go.





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Fishing out of kayaks is a blast. I have an Ascend from Bass Pro. I have used the heck out of it. From the small rivers in northern Ozarks to the Missouri river in St.Louis. And even fished out of it in Destin Florida. Gonna try some juggin\' in the Missouri this spring. that outta be interesting. Good luck.

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