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Getting lots of questions. But that's okay!

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Hi everyone, I have been getting a lot of questions about our Commission Bull Elk Tag; (see post by mohuntress in contests and giveaways) how much land (public) there is to hunt in Kentucky and what are my chances of a successful hunt. Hope the below will answer some of the questions.The Commission Bull Elk tag is good in any zone, which means, \"In Zone or \"Out of Zone\". It is good in any EHU. It is good for any legal weapon during that weapons portion of the season. The only thing required is a non-resident hunting license. All elk permit fees ($365.00 non-resident) have been waived by KDFWR. The 16-county elk restoration zone is 4.1 million acres, and is divided into 10 Elk Hunting Units, including sub-units, with a total of 576,994 acres open to public hunting. The EHUs have been established to manage the elk herd, spread out hunting pressure, and provide hunters with a high chance of success. There were 800 tags issued in the 2010 season and there was an 80% success rate. 800 tags were also issued for the 2011 season but success numbers have not been posted yet.If you should have further questions, please don\'t hesitate to contact me.Yours in conservation, Robert Smith, N. Ky. Chapter #481 Quail Unlimitedthekysportsman@hughes.net

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