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Please welcome, my friend, Tink Nathan, to our panel of judges, for the SMO Ultimate Outdoorsperson Challenge! Tink, thanks so much!!!!! You\'re the GREATEST!!! ;)TINK NATHANLifelong Bowhunter, Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter, Outdoor Writer and Editor on Hunting, Lecturer on Bowhunting and White-tailed Deer, Retired manufacturer of hunting equipment and products, Developer of Tink\'s # 69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure Former President and founder of Tink\'s Safariland Hunting Corporation in the U.S.A. (1954 – 1991) Outfitter/Manager of Tink’s Hunting Lodge in West Virginia U.S.A. from 1984 to 1988Contributing Editor and Columnist, “Ask Tink”, Bowhunter Magazine from 2nd issue in 1971 to 1984Producer of hunting documentaries and wildlife films (over 25 full length, broadcast quality, true life adventure documentaries and videos)Graduate of The Sony Institute of Applied Science and Technology, at the American Film Institute, Hollywood, CA Memberships and Professional Organization Involvement : •Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) since 1985 - Life Member•Drafted a new detailed Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for submission to PHASA in 1997•International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA) since 1982 - Life Member and Full Professional Member•Fred Bear Sports Club - Co-Founder, Charter Member and first Field Director•Texas Trophy Hunters Association - Life Member •Alabama Bowhunters Association - Honorary Life Member •Natal Bowhunters Association - Charter Member•South African Bowhunters and Conservation Association - Co-Founder and Member•Lone Star Bowhunters Association - Life Member •National Rifle Association - Life Member•Safari Club International - Chapter Director, Member, and Official Master Measurer, Member of the SCI:◦African Chapter◦North American Muzzleloading Chapter◦Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter ◦Honorary Member of the National Capital Chapter•Maryland Bowhunters Society - Founder and Legislative Director•Rowland-Ward - Official Measurer•Pope and Young Club - Former Official Measurer•Pope and Young - Former Associate Member 1971-1991•Game Conservation International (GAME COIN) - Member•Outdoor Writers Association of America - Member 1971-1991•World Bowhunters Association - Co-Founder and First Credentials Chairman•National Field Archery Association (NFAA) - Member since 1954, •NFAA Master Bowhunter since November 1971 •SATOUR Registered Guide (South African Tourism Board)•International Hunting Video Producers Association - Founder, First President and Executive Director•Alaska Bowhunters Association, Member #99 •Australian Bowhunters Association, Former Member (#131)•Archery Manufactures Organization, U.S.A. - Former Member •America Archery Council - Bowhunting Chairman from 1971 to 1976, •National Rifle Association, Secretary –Archery and Bowhunting Committee – Headquarters, Washington, DC from 1974 to 1978 - full time staff employee•American Film Institute memberContributions to Bowhunter Education : •Regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of Bowhunting Education, •One of the original five founding members of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) Bowhunting Committee (1971-1980) [NFAA/Bowhunting Committee members were Bill Wadsworth, Dr. Wayne Trimm, Tink Nathan, Ted Fenner, and Dick Boyle]◦that initiated the National Bowhunter Education Program (NBEP) ◦that later became the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF), ◦Responsible for much of syllabus, text and program development of the original National Bowhunter Education Program for NFAA & NBEF, ◦Obtained National Rifle Association (NRA) recognition and support of the NBEP in 1975, •National Bowhunters Education Foundation Washington, DC - Co-Founder and Incorporator , served on Board of Directors for 2 terms, from 1980 to 1984•First \"Qualified Bowhunter,\" certified by Bill Wadsworth; •First “Certified Bowhunting Instructor,” certified by NFAA & NBEF•Taught first Certified Bowhunters Instructor workshop at International Field Archery Association (IFAA) Championships, July, 1975, Jay, Vermont. •Founded and taught the first NBEP/IBEP Courses in South Africa, Steenbokpan, April 1992•Taught Bowhunting at Professional Hunters Training Academy from 1991 to 1992•Teaches Bowhunter Education and Archery through the Tink Nathan Bowhunting Institute•Taught and introduced bowhunting to 13 Nature Conservation Officers at an audit of Professional Hunters School, representing Transvaal, Cape Province, Orange Free State and Natal in 1992 •Licensed by Transvaal Nature Conservation in South Africa as a Professional Hunter in 1991 and as a Hunting Outfitter in 1993Hunting Accomplishments: Tink\'s hunting accomplishments equal his volunteer service and dedication to archery and bowhunting.•He completed 14 African bowhunts before settling in South Africa in April 1991. •Nathan held #1 World records in SCI and Rowland-Ward record books for bow kills too numerous to mention. •He is widely regarded as the World\'s Most Experienced Living Bowhunter. •He is the first bowhunter to take the South Pacific 15 Bowhunting Grand Slam, taking all 15 species of the South Pacific in 1986. •Tink has taken 3 elephants and 17 buffalo with bow and arrow only. •He is the first bowhunter to ever bag the Banteng with a bow and arrow. •He is the first bowhunter to take a Sambar Deer with bow. •He is the first and only bowhunter to take the Buffalo Grand Slam with a bow (taking American Bison, ten Asian Water Buffalo, African Water Buffalo and Three Cape Buffalo and the rare Banteng). •Tink has taken more species of deer with a bow than anyone, living or dead. •Tink has taken more Buffalo with a bow than anyone in the world, 18 total.Awards and Honors : •Inducted into the International Bowhunters Hall of Fame, Lansing, MI 1985•Presented with Master Bowhunter Trainer Cap, Plaque and Buckle by Bill Wadsworth at NBEF Board of Directors meeting 1984•Winner of SCI Bowhunters Chapter Major Bronze Awards 1988 and 1989, presented by Bill NeglyTink Nathan remains an active figure in the world of outdoor writing. •He was the subject of the color cover and lead feature article of FIRE! Magazine, published in Brussels in 1992. Written in French, the six page article gave Tink and his Bowhunting course the highest accolades possible. •He was the subject of feature article in December 1987 Archery World/Bowhunting World Magazine on Tink\'s Hunting Lodge. •Tink was also the subject of an elephant bowhunting article by the South African Magazine HUIS, which was called “Tink – The Modern Bushman” and “Swish – the elephant is dead.” [Translated from Afrikaans].•In 1994, Tink was appointed African Editor of FIRE! Magazine.•Tink was named as One of Top 50 People in the Archery & Bowhunting Industry by Archery World /Bowhunting World magazine in 1987.A contemporary and house guest of Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Doug Easton, Ben Rogers Lee, Bob Swinehart and other noted American Bowhunting Pioneers, Tink Nathan has been an Active Bowhunter since 1949. He performs game ranch consulting and design, conducts research on archery equipment and supports and promotes bowhunting around the world. In 2005 Tink returned home to his home state of Texas and settled on a ranch outside of Kerrville, called Camp Verde Outpost Ranch. Here Tink is working on a book, shooting his bow, and has recently begun a new project called Operation Bows and Heroes, a ministry dedicated to helping the veterans of the Iraq war. Tink brings wounded war heroes from Brooke Army Medical Center to his ranch in Center Point Texas. These veterans are then treated like kings. They are provided a weekend of archery training, combined with good eating and fellowship. At the end of the weekend each of the vets are provided with a fully equipped bow, or crossbow depending upon their needs. This ministry has been made possible by the donations of surplus archery equipment, money orders, gift cards, and or cash provided by fellow archers. These donations are not only appreciated but necessary to show these young men and women how much we appreciate their service and bravery for our freedoms. post-15-139589290879_thumb.jpg post-15-13958929088_thumb.jpg post-15-139589290881_thumb.jpg post-15-139589290882_thumb.jpg post-15-139589290883_thumb.jpg post-15-139589290884_thumb.jpg

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