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  1. A Whopper

  2. Wish us luck this eve

    i've become friends with a cool guy from the Cape Girardeau area that recently got interested in archery hunting. He got his crossbow shooting great, his doctors exemption approved and we have been trying to get him his first archery deer. Had some close encounters but havent closed the deal yet. We are giving it another shot this evening. His wife isn't a hunter (yet) but has enjoyed coming along. It has been a lot of fun seeing his interest and enthusiasm for this new endeavor.
  3. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    Ya, I picked up a bad habit from hanging out with ya... Could be worse.
  4. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    probably so... I'd kill it. I'm a killer lol
  5. Hey Y'all! It's FRIDAY!!!

    Working but hunting evenings.
  6. Seeing Anything?

    Hunted every day except one so far. Could have killed a deer every sit except one. Waiting on a good buck.
  7. So much to be thankful for lately.

    My dad
  8. So much to be thankful for lately.

    My dad
  9. So much to be thankful for lately.

    College grad.
  10. So much to be thankful for lately.

    Proud dad
  11. So much to be thankful for lately.

    Camo cap
  12. My youngest is now a college grad. Graduated cum laude from Missouri University of Science and Technolo gy with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He starts for Boeing next week working in the same building and program as me, the F-18 Super Hornet. Needless to say, I'm proud of him. It's been a humbling year for me... many great things have come my way and I'm very thankful. My oldest son helped bring a grandson into the world. He also recently bought his first home, just about a mile up the road from my place. My youngest son graduated c u m laude from Missouri University of Science and Technology over the weekend with a BA in Mechanical Engineering. He starts work soon for the same company I work for (Boeing) in the same program and building as me I took my 73 yr old father turkey hunting this spring and got to see him shoot one (and miss one). He has really bad arthritis and hadn't hunted in a long time. Even back when he did hunt, we never hunted "together". He always sent me in one direction and he went another. I built a couple easy to access and comfortable to hunt field edge blinds for him this spring and it worked out great. Also got to spend a few days hunting with my youngest son and my brother. Called in 14 longbeards total this season and saw a few misses and watched several die This will be a tough year to beat as far as good memories.
  13. It's Friday

    Heading to Rolla for my baby boy's graduation from Missouri S&T then helping him move to St Louis Sunday where he starts his new job.
  14. Friends turkey

  15. Moving back to Missouri

    Good luck!