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  1. very cool

    There ya go, Falcongirl has seen it and you have a free baby sitter forever.
  2. Look out pa pa I'll show you how its done

    Now thats a man who\'s learned how to make a livin.
  3. Lets Party!

    Hey \"D\" , ya never know, Maybe I\'ll get fired by then . I\'ll keep ya posted as the time gets closer I\'d love to show but It\'s gonna be real iffy. Thats whats crazy about the beer bottle business, ..... it never quits, and I\'ve put in for vacations till i\'m put out, and they keep getting denied. Technically they can keep denying my vacations until there\'s only 4 weeks left in the year , then they have to let me use em. We\'ll see.
  4. In The Back Yard

    Right place at the right time,
  5. Deerman 2012

    Nice work ole man !
  6. In vegas

    :thumbup:I love to gamble !! although I stay within modest stakes, I\'ll always be curious as to what lady luck holds for me on any given day.
  7. Turkey hunting question

    Oh yea, you\'d be surprised at how fast you can close the distance on a Tom if he\'s within earshot. I\'ve had toms sound as if they were 1/2 mile away that were just in the low slung slope a couple hogbacks away. on 750ac. if you can hear him, you need to be gettin on him ! Although the perfect fantasy turkey hunt always has the tom coming in like he\'s on a string gobbling , double/triple struttin,drummin,spittin. that don\'t take place while tom is expected to close the distance all by himself, ya gotta get in close, throw in a little foreplay and sign his dance card. Ole Tom is on the throne when he starts his morning at pre dawn gobbling on the roost, it\'s the laws of nature that the hens get their butts in gear and fly down so they can walk under his tree while he does a head count if he\'s the dominant bird that has held on to his herem . After his hens are all nested/later in the season the Tom will set out to find more girls to satisfy his breeding instinct but until then you better get in close/first/early. Throw most of what I just typed out the window if your capable and willing to sit and give 3 yelps every half hour till noon in an area that you know birds are using, and old tom may come in quiet and just appear before your eyes after his morning duties are complete and the hens have left him for their nests. Better yet, give me directions and I\'ll meet ya Thursday morning
  8. My stepson's 50lb + flathead

    Awesome fish !!
  9. Turkey hunting question

    How many acres are you talking about ? total acres accesible to you
  10. Turkey hunting question

    I agree 100% , You ain\'t gonna find many turkeys in the wild that feel comfortable walking around in weeds/grass/briars/saplings that are high enough and thick enough to block their field of view plain and simple, thats their absolute main defense . Clear cuts that have not been finished groomed are a disaster in my opinion unless your setting up for deer or pigs.
  11. Shannon's Hillbilly Mac

    Beautiful hound !!
  12. my computer shows the post time 1 hour later than the actual time, do I need to reset something, or is it the website ?
  13. Hail damage

    whatta mess !Hope ya get everything squared away quick and painless. Might as well make sure the insurance company gets a good look at the roof of the house while you\'ve got em with their check book out lord knows it took a beating.
  14. Bird Down

    :cool:Nice take on the 16#er deerman, I like taking the mature birds that have been on the testosterone diet plan, That spells TOM in RUT loud and clear. Good luck bringing everything together to finish out your season.