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  1. Squirrel Sniping

    I have found that the deeper in the woods I get the more greys I see, fox squirrels seem to stay closer to the edge of the woods.
  2. Squirrel Sniping

    Took my Marlin .17hmr out to the pecan grove this morning along with my folding stool and shooting sticks. These were all taken from the same position and all were on the ground. The first one on the left was the closest at about 30 yards, the second from the left I stepped off at 135 paces.
  3. Late morning

    Didn't get in the woods till around 8:00 and was out by 10:00, got warm pretty quick then the wind kicked up.
  4. Four this morning

    It's been a mix but yea, most have been males.
  5. Four this morning

    Got to get in the woods early, they seem to stop moving around 8:30-9:00.
  6. A cool morning!

    First five of the season.
  7. A cool morning!

    First five of the season.
  8. Where did everyone go

    Make my own with flour, some crackers,salt and pepper and a little cajun seasoning. Dont usually bake them just cook slow, if they are old squirrel I boil them for about ten minutes with an onion sliced up in it to tenderize.
  9. Where did everyone go

    Usually fried, but I also like squirrel and dumplins, jumbalia or gumbo, squirrel stew and biscuts are good also.
  10. Where did everyone go

    Just waiting on squirrel season to open back up, well turkey season first but I get more excited about squirrel season.
  11. Did everybody abandon this site, what gives?
  12. WTB-Ruger American in .223

    I would also consider a Savage bolt action in .223