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  1. Retired veteran and son looking for land to trap on. Follow all rules and landowner wishes am restraint certified.
  2. Looking to get a group together for some gigging I have a spot on the Gasconade. Just like to get together and have some fun and good eating. Let me know what you all think.
  3. Since I have two youth hunters I have been ready to go for a couple weeks. Ready and waiting on Monday morning. Hope everyone has a good hunt.
  4. Not this weekend had a good eventful hunt just didn't get it done but she is excited for next time.
  5. Going out with my daughter first time tomorrow. Anybody else going out for the first time?
  6. They haven't pop here in mid Missouri least not my place's anyway.
  7. Would be very interested in pitchining in with a group for a DYI hunt
  8. way to do it bud!
  9. congrats but where are the pics.
  10. I hear ya. The rivers are low this year, thought they would be up after the last rain spell but didn't help a whole lot.
  11. Anybody been out giggin yet? Anybody make the Cowtown tournament I wanted to but didn't work out. Going this weekend on the gasconade.
  12. Taking the boys out turkey hunting and trying to stay dry.
  13. I am needing some 9 mm, 223, 308, let me know how to contact you so we can deal.
  14. Found a few corals last weekend.