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  1. Veterans Day

    Happy Veteran's day to any and all fello Vets on the forum.
  2. Alrighty then!?!

    I know this old but I just found it all I can say is WOW I think someone needs a little bleach in their gene pool.
  3. More smokepole squirrels

    The lock is on the wrong side of that smoke pole. Good shoting.
  4. Finally got a shed!

    Well my wife is not the jelous type, but spending lots of time in the woods with another woman may be pushing things on my part. Although shes not really into hunting she can shoot well. But thanks for the offer. :smilebig:BWM[Edited on 2-23-2009 by backwoodsman]
  5. Finally got a shed!

    My wife found one a few weeks back on the back side of our farm. 6 points on just the one side that she found, and it almost had a 7th point but it was just a little short to count. I have seen a rather large deer a couple times since she found the shed. Hopefully me and him can get together this fall and spend some quality time with each other. BWM
  6. 1- Million Gun March

    Agreed. I would love to go, I just have to see how finances are at the time. BWM
  7. 1- Million Gun March

    The lamestream media told you:Nothing.The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:Frustrated and angry over government\'s failure to protect the right to keep and bear arms, and facing confiscation schemes and outrageous infringements on the remnants of the right to keep and bear, citizens nationwide are talking about a proposed Million Gun March to be held in Washington, D.C. in April of 2010.\"It takes a lot of lead time to organize such an event, and get the permits and such,\" a supporter has said, who prefers to remain unidentified for fear of reprisals. \"The details are being worked out, giving us plenty of time to spread the word and build support for a massive pro-rights rally.\"It should be noted that the right to keep and bear arms is so restricted in the nation\'s capital, the most this could be is a Million Gunowner March. Nevertheless, it\'s an interesting concept and reflects the public\'s growing unrest.A website is in place and under construction. Rumored alternate rallies at all 50 state capitals, for people who cannot travel to D.C. for the Main Event, may take place as well. Stand by for future details.http://www.milliongunownermarch.com/WARNING: \"Unless it\'s a very large and successful rally, we won\'t get any media. And the media that would show up would only take a photo of the guy with Indian corn for teeth, wearing camouflage bib overalls and a t-shirt with a racist slogan and holes in it. And the only guys they ever quote are the ones who talk about black helicopters, the Illuminati and fake moon landings.\" -Fred D. [Note: Fred\'s got a point -- There should be a dress code, camera crews should be shadowed by silver-tongued spokespeople, we should handle this like our opposition would, smartly; this is early in a new project, it bears close watching.] Late breaking news: Ted Nugent has agreed to perform at what is now The Second Amendment March, according to event organizer Skip Coryell.BWM
  8. making offers on houses...???

    Well you might be out of a job but at least you wouldn\'t be homeless. :rofl::rofl:BWM
  9. making offers on houses...???

    I would not offer over $100,000 in todays market. It is a buyers market and you are in the drivers seat if you can prove to him you can get a loan. :grd:BWM
  10. This stuff really gets my blood boiling!

    I read this the other day and regertably I could believe it. It is way past time for Americans to take back America.BWM
  11. Chain Game..........

    Insurance Fraud:littleman:
  12. vote

    Agreed. Refer back to the last line in my last post.
  13. vote

    Even without the 2nd amendment the federal government would have no Constitutional atthority in which to restrick individuals from owning firearms. We have never givin them that atthority. The problem lies in the fact that we as Americans have been asleep at the wheel for way to long.BWM
  14. ICE!!

    4+ inchs of sleet/ice here in northern Howell county. They said we are going to get 1-3 inchs of snow on top of that. :woohoo: :woohoo:BWM
  15. The British Called, They want their guns back!

    We need to break the two party strangle hold we are in. To me Dems/Rebs just 2 sides of the same coin. I vote Libertarain. They want people to have the right to chose for themselves, I know thats a strange idea here in the USA.BWM