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  1. Oculus 5.0 10x42 binos; strap; case.

    These sold for $229 when I bought them. I'm sure they are on sale now, so that's why the low price. These are very nice. Very clear. I picked these over nikons in the same price range when I got em. And I'm a nikon fan! LoL I'm going to use my compact set instead of these.
  2. Oculus 5.0 10x42 binos; strap; case.

    Got these a while back and Im not gonna use them. So first $100 takes em. Thanks. You can email me at megmatt7679@gmail.com
  3. Pse xforce axe6

    All sold.
  4. Pse xforce axe6

    Sold. Only have the truball release for $25 and the fletching jig for $35 if anyone needs them.
  5. Pse xforce axe6

    Will split this up if anyone is interested. Its on archerytalk also.
  6. Pse xforce axe6

    OBO guys
  7. Pse xforce axe6

    Have an axe6 for sale if anyone is intersted. Has evo limbs. 60 to 70 pound draw, 26 to 31 draw length. Limbs are bone head camo, riser is black, limb pocketsand stabilizer is snow camo. Comes setup with limbdriver prov rest, trophy ridge react single pin. Dozen pse radial xweave 300 arrows, dozen field points, new pack of bone collector green white quick spin vanes, new in pack truglo kisser button, truball wrist release, and a new in box digital grain scale for weighing arrows, points, or? Also comes with a grayling fletching jig with straight amd right helical clamps. Has red meta peep and proline strings. $600can get more pics of everything if any one is intersted. Going a different route. Thanks
  8. Daughter got her mount back

    Nice. Congrats.
  9. How Much Snow Did Y'all Get?

    5 here. And now the freezing rain! I'm with Mo, I'm ready to stick a knife in a snowman to. LoL
  10. Small Town With Big City Convenience

    Oneshot has a nice lil place there. I was there installing his dish when he was just moving in. I like that area. We may venture over that way for some fishing this year. Only about 30 minutes from my place.
  11. It's Friday!

    Got some nasty weather here. 5 inches of snow a few days ago that hasn't melted at all, and now this freezing rain. Its slick as crap here right now. So we probably are not going to do much but stay warm. LoL
  12. MDC's Archer's Survey

    Why crossbow after rifle season? As stated before, for us that have used them they are not any better than the compounds we all use today. I have shot paper plates with my compounds at 100 yards. Can't do it with my crossbow. It has a red dot style sight with three dots in it and I don't think you could judge where to hold it at 100. LoL my current setup compound is an axe6 with the react singke pin, I have only shot it to 70 yards to see how close it is with there idea of sight at 20 and 30 then good to 100. And I coukd have killed a deer at 70, so its pretty close. LOL
  13. Huntnutsbro in 2015!

    Also got me a nikon dslr, with the wifi adptr, shot gun mic. Gonna try and video a bit this year. Need to find a good lens that isn't thousands of dollars. LoL
  14. Huntnutsbro in 2015!

    Got my axe6. Shoots pretty good. Think I am gonna take it to mike carter at carters archery and have him crackerize it.
  15. Thumb triggered 4 finger?

    Got one thanks.