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  1. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    ouch, that's no good. hopefully they'll fix everything up for him.
  2. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    I know this thread is zombified by now, but still. I just picked up a TriStar Raptor and have been trying to work up a good pattern with it. It's the 28" barrel semi-auto, 3" chamber. Ported Undertaker choke .675 with Supreme 2 oz. #6 seems to be the best for me thus far (I'm not paying 30-35 bucks for 5 Hevishot loads no matter how good they are ). I'm getting 77 inside 10" at 40 yards. Also: Longbeard XR #5 (no #4's or 6's available in town) pattern almost identical as the cheapo Kent Diamond Plated Shot I tried with this gun, and both chokes I have. Maybe 10-15 inside 10" at 40. The Kent's were just a bit better IIRC. Weird. Curious what "hit" counts are with your setup, BigMinnow, and any opinions/remarks on the TriStar Raptor. Did you find equal results with the Longbeard's (if you shot them)? Thanks, peace. EDIT- After getting some aftermarket adjustable sights and firing off at some larger targets (3'X4') I figured out why those longbeards patterned so poorly. My gun was shooting them too high. After adjustments were made those things are sick. Seriously. 80+ hits in the spine/head at 25 yards (just a guess, targets were chewed up pretty good) and 30+ at 40 yards. So now the combo is: TriStar Raptor 12ga/H.S. Strut Undertaker/Longbeard XR #5
  3. Heard some birds over the weekend

    Heard three gobblers this morning, looking forward to season
  4. Heya, what's up?

    Wayne County, out in the sticks
  5. Heya, what's up?

    How's it goin everybody? My name's Levi from SE Mo. Looking forward to April!