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  1. I noticed that there hasn't been much activity here in sometime. Perhaps linking to a Facebook page would help? I just moved to Missouri in 2013, still trying to get on my feet due to health issues, but still VERY interested in outdoor activities. Would like to discuss fishing, hunting and where to go with folks.
  2. Mepps

    I don't know when the next person will be in here, but I just have to mention something. I see all these squirrel hunting pictures, what do you do with the tails? If you're just tossing them away I've a suggestion for ya's. With your significant other's permission, keep a place in your freezer to save them tails. Mepps brand fishing lures uses them to make their classic Mepps spinners. Here's the link for ya's....and happy hunting! http://www.mepps.com/programs/squirrel-tail/
  3. Airguns?

    Heh! I started this thread then lost the link to the forum, only an email from the admins called me back. Wish it was more active though! I was going to turn my 2400kt into a pcp with some mods, but with the introduction of the Marauder, why bother?! I might still put the fake silencer on it and a shoulder stock because it looks a bit odd with just a pistol grip and a 14" long barrel! LOL
  4. hog hunting officially discouraged now?

    That's a lot of bacon!
  5. hog hunting officially discouraged now?

    Times be tough for some. Since wild hogs can be vicious, is there a map of the area's where the highest concentrations are? I would certainly want to make sure I have my concealed carry weapon on me while hiking or looking for a fishing spot. Would need to protect my family and I....and perhaps put a few lbs of pork in the freezer!
  6. Airguns?

    I just moved here in 2013 from Illinois. From the reading I've done of Missouri's hunting regs, they're more open to using a wider range of weapons. I couldn't find the answer either way, as to whether or not it's okay to use air guns for small game like squirrel or rabbits. Mind you I'm not talking about toy bb guns you often find on the selves of Walmart. I sold my Benjamin Discovery rifle, but still have my Crosman Custom pistol (14" barrel .22 caliber). Some day, I'd like to replace the Discovery with a Marauder, or AirForce Condor.