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  1. got to be poppin

    Found the first few yesterday (Sunday).
  2. got to be poppin

    I don't think the ground is warm enough yet. Have been hunting them daily, but haven't found any yet. But it could be any day now.
  3. Conservation Day a Success

    Conservation Day at the Capitol was a big success. The event was right next to the house chambers, which was still in session. It would have been hard for any representative to miss the conservation presence, or for any of them to think they can draft future anti-conservation measures without considerable resistance. Many conservation groups had booths, including one for deer hunting, and attendance was good all day. They also had a good media presence, including myself and other members of Missouri Outdoor Communicators, TV stations and live radio broadcasts. Brandon Butler and CFM are doing a great job to preserve the best of MO.
  4. Mo elk season coming.

    I'm in, and will probably win.
  5. Why is bow season closed during regular season?

    I believe the bow season is officially closed during the firearms season.
  6. Looks like the first scheduled Conservation Day at the Capitol on Thursday, April 2 is going to be a success. It would be a lot bigger success if they could hold it on a weekend, but that would defeat the main purpose: to show the legislators that we're not all ignorant and apathetic dolts sitting outside somewhere with a six pack and a rod or gun. I'm told our hard-working legislators all start their weekends on Fridays. Because of the recent and ongoing assault on the MDC and conservation issues, Conservation Day is a show of force and concern for conservation issues by sportsman's groups and individuals. Many of these groups will have booths set up in the Rotunda, but you don't need to represent or be a member of a sportsman's/conservation group to attend. Everything is free. A few of the few conservation minded legislators will be there to socialize. It's doubtful any of the stronger opponents of MDC and conservation will show up to be questioned, but they will be observing the event. You can bet on that. It will be on their minds the next time they draft anti-conservation measures. I don't think there's ever been anything like this held at the capitol, but I also don't think we have ever faced a more diverse and unified assault upon the environment and the traditions we hold dear. If anyone who plans to attend will be travelling through Ironton, MO, I'd like to share the ride and expenses with you. Send me a PM.
  7. cwd

    This is bad news, indeed. It means that despite regulations and precautions imposed after CWD was discovered in and around some game farms, and a narrow victory over a bill to removed penned deer from MDC's control a few months ago, CWD is spreading to the wild herd.
  8. American Cervid Alliance Falsifies Missouri News Article

    Thanks for posting this, D. If anyone had this article in their paper, please contact them asking for a correction.
  9. As Regan once said: "There you go again." I've posted about bills proposed by Representative Robert Ross before. Now he has proposed a bill (House Bill 955) that would reclassify how navigable and non-navigable streams are used by the public, or I should say restrict public use. It would reset the private land boundary for navigable streams from the current high water mark to the low water mark, which would mean that gravel bars would be off limits. On non-navigable streams, it would make the bottom of the stream private property, to the middle of the stream from either side, meaning you couldn't wade it without trespassing. The bill also would give adjoining landowners rights to alter the streams, divert water and a host of other things, while at the same time possibly infringing upon the Missouri Department of Conservation's right to manage the fisheries in these rivers and streams. It essentially would make rivers and streams the property of those who own the banks and give them rights to manage these waterways as they see fit, as long as they complied with federal guidelines. That's what I got out of the first reading. Read the bill yourself. Then contact your Senator and Representatives. I am told this bill sort of sneaked in and goes to committee Monday, and Rep. Ross is on that same committee.
  10. ~~Mark your calendar to attend the inaugural Conservation Day at the Capitol on April 2, 2015. This event has been designed to bring conservationists from all across Missouri together at the Capitol for a day of promoting and supporting our natural resources and outdoor heritage. They have reserved the entire 3rd floor Rotunda and have table spaces available for up to 25 affiliate organizations. There is no fee and the spaces will go on a first come first serve basis to CFM Affiliates, so call their office today to make sure your organization secures one of the available spaces. "Ducks Unlimited looks forward to participating in Conservation Day at the Capitol. This is a great opportunity for citizens to meet with and speak to their legislators. It is also a great opportunity for conservation organizations to educate the public about their specific missions," said Mark Flaspohler, Manager of Conservation Programs for Ducks Unlimited. The Morning Shag with Shags and Trevor (KCMQ 96.7) will be broadcasting their popular morning show live from the Capitol from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. We anticipate additional radio shows and a strong media presence. This event is for educational and informative purposes. We hope citizens and legislators alike will tour the affiliate booths to learn about the diverse outdoor passions of Missourians. Citizens will have a chance to meet with their legislators and thank them for protecting conservation in Missouri.
  11. CFM Launches Legislative Action Center

    By the way, you don't have to be a member of CFM to participate in this. It is for all citizens, and it is very easy to use.
  12. Because of numerous legislative attempts to disrupt conservation in our great state, the Conservation Federation of Missouri has launched a Legislative Action Center, an interactive citizen's advocacy portal where you can vote to show how you feel about legislative bills and send emails or call your representatives to let them now how you want them to vote on important issues--before those bills actually come up for a vote. You will be able to leave your personal comments about particular measures and see what others have to say. The comments with the most "likes" will be shared in CFM's report to legislators. This site is a vital tool to make your voice heard at the capital. To get more information or join, click here: https://account.votility.com/enterprise/CFM/index.php
  13. hog hunting officially discouraged now?

    I do understand MDC's reasoning, but I wonder if the problem couldn't be better controlled, and much less costly, with more conservation minded hunters? Encourage hunting, but make it illegal to profit in an way from hog hunting. And come up with ways to enhance utilizing the meat. I've tasted it a few different ways. It's more like eating opossum than bacon.
  14. There are at least a dozen bills currently being considered that are aimed at damaging or destroying the Missouri Department of Conservation. They're coming at the MDC from every imaginable angle, but Rep. Robert Ross, District 142, has come up with a couple more. Ross recently filed HB’s 833 and 834. HB833 would flatly prohibit “clear cutting” and establish the “Forestry Management Consortium” to implement and prescribe management of state-owned forestland. The bill would require the department to follow the consortium’s recommendations “without variance.” HB834 would prohibit the department from purchasing or receiving donated land without legislative approval. Ross additionally filed a joint resolution that, if approved by voters, would require legislative approval for any land purchased by the department. Although I'm investigating this further, the "clear cutting" Ross is attacking is the MDC's practice of creating food plots on many of its Conservation Areas to enhance wildlife habitat. Right now, the MDC is realizing considerable profit from the sale of timber, so I suspect this is another effort to cut their revenues any way possible. I don't think the other bill has a chance, because it is ridiculous. To tell private citizens they can't sell, or even donate, land to the MDC without legislative approval is so contrary to citizen's rights and free trade, I believe even those law makers blinded by their hatred of MDC's political independence will have trouble supporting this measure. Ross, by the way, is on the committee for Conservation and Natural Resource. What do you think?
  15. Primos Dogg Catcher Electronic call

    I got recently a Johnny Stewart Jury recently.. Only got to use it once, and then got snowed in.