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  1. 2014/15 Deer Contest SIGNUP Thread

    I'm in also!
  2. Let's get ready

    Great deer?,
  3. My latest armguard

    Good looking!
  4. Birds

    I finally got to see a male purple finch at my feeder today.
  5. Ooops

    very funny!
  6. Wow!

    Trouble again! Very disappointing!
  7. Did some trappin this year

    I say it was a good start!
  8. 2013 Rifle deer

    Congrats! Looks like he had a really long nose.
  9. My longbow buck

    Really cool story! Congrats on the longbow kill!
  10. Birds

  11. Birds

    Thanks Deerman! I was trying to identify this bird. I had one show up this past weekend on my feeder.
  12. Here is some pics form my line so far

    Good looking ride! I hope your able to load it down with furs!