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  1. Very nice
  2. And to think these people are allowed to vote and reproduce.
  3. Man you do good work.When I get back into bow hunting I'm definately going to have you make me a quiver and arm gaurd.
  4. 4 1/2 months old and treed it when I turned it loose. View My Video
  5. Thanks, got high hopes for her
  6. Picked up a couple curs awhile back,2 yr old female and 10 mnth old pup in the background. I have another puppy coming in a couple months.Going to take them coon hunting tonight hopefully she\'ll get something treed but I\'m not holding my breath on that one.
  7. Got the pup out by himself this morning.
  8. Treed another today.Let them out to run around awhile and went in the house for a minute.Came back out and they were no where to be found.Found them treed about 1/2 mile away.
  9. The black pup treed his 1st squirrel today.He\'s only been hunted 3 times.They didn\'t stay long enough for me to get there but I did see them on the tree before they left.After that the little turd went hunting for about 20 minutes before checking back in.He hunts about 100 miles an hour all the time.He gets better evrytime I take him, I have high hopes for him.
  10. Hopefully build put up some new dog kennels tomorrow
  11. Tryin to get a little momentum goin around here,This was me and my dads first year trapping.He trapped when he was a kid but that was many moons ago.
  12. Thanks
  13. Might do some coon huntin tonight and going to a trade day deal tomorrow.
  14. Just another way to spend time in the woods witha dog I geuss.They actually have hunts like they do for coon dogs.Looks pretty fun.
  15. Thanks, its alot of work but pretty fun learning how to outsmart them.Don\'t know if I\'ll have as much time this year but my dad wanted to do some trappin again so I figured thats what we\'d do before he got to old to do it.I\'m glad I had the time this year.
  16. Thanks guys.We just shot ours, there are other ways but a bullet is pretty quick.
  17. Just signed up thanks for the heads up.
  18. Good lord, thats a bunch of turkeys right there.
  19. And a good time shootin today.
  20. Just walking around the woods picking out stuff to shoot at.Alot of fun and pretty good practice.
  21. Thanks, he\'ll be settin and watchin me hunt over them ths coming season.Hopefully he\'ll be huntin ove them himself here in a few years.
  22. Thats about all they\'re good for.
  23. Look forward to seeing the progress.