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  1. Hello all again...........

    I know that I have not been around in awhile with working nights. But I have a favor to ask you all The film industries are going to digital film and one of the last original drive-ins in Missouri is facing shutting down do to the expense of having to upgrade their equipment. It cost roughly $80,000 to buy a projector. So ask that you go to the following website each day and vote for Starlite Drive-inhttp://projectdrivein.com/#vote_18There is also a way to vote via text and I am working on that details and will get back to you with those:cheers:
  2. Brought home the new baby today.......

    I have been calling her babygirl :freak:Let\'s have a name her contest
  3. Brought home the new baby today.......

    After trading my Marlin 22 Mag for a 12ga shotgun. I was able to trade the 12ga shotgun for my new 2010 Elite Judge :cool:I have not shot since mid-2009 and it did not take me long to get back in the grove (as you will see on the deer picture), and I could not be happier about this trade.Hoping that I am able to get lined in my Monday morning so I can take a nice long beard (I would be happy with a medium beard, or a short beard LOL)
  4. Why not start spring off right.......

    I usually start the grill to melt the snow off the grill so that I can grill:cheers:
  5. I found a couple turkeys

    and in the wise old words of Si Roberts: \"If you have fish in a barrel, and a gun you might as well shoot them!\":cheers:
  6. I have a problem I need you alls help with.........

    Now if I could figure out how many toms/gobblers there are in there so I can hunt the property or not:cheers:
  7. I have been wondering if I have any turkeys on my property but can\'t seem to attract more then the ones in these pictures ..............
  8. Headed to the river tomorrow. A few pics added

    Trapping is something that I want to learn so bad:cheers:
  9. BIG FAT........ZERO!!!!

    I would trade a season of not seeing deer for a season of sitting in the woods with my kids:cheers:
  10. 9 pt

    I was going to say on the ground then on the wall big enough for me
  11. With little to no wind we decided to burn off the 8 or so acres of woods here at the house.
  12. shame shame

    Sorry to say it but as a good hunter you should read that regs each year to make sure nothing has changed:cheers: