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  1. Looking for a lease

    I am looking for a lease, within an hour and half of st.peters would be ideal. Looking for a smaller plot possibly just 1 hunter to bow hunt deer and turkey hunt but at the most 3 hunters depending on the land. Willing to work out a variety of deals cash, work, give the land owner meat, I am open to ideas. Let me know if you know of land just message me and i\'ll get back with you. Thank you and enjoy your holidays.
  2. Bow hunting during rifle season

    Just to make sure, Cant you bow hunt during the rifle season? I was thinking about hunting a bow only public area the opening weekend of rifle. Are the bow only areas pretty slow the opening weekend of rifle? Thanks
  3. Climbers on Public Land

    This year I plan on hunting pubic land for the first time. My question is can you use a climber and cut a few limbs to get up the tree? Thanks for the help!
  4. Finding private hunting land

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting access to private land to hunt. I would be open to bow only.
  5. Conservation Areas

    Are Missouri\'s conservation areas outer boundaries fenced off or somehow marked? I\'ll be turkey hunting at weldon springs and am wondering. Thanks
  6. Managed Turkey Hunts

    Thanks for the info.. Hunting will be hard seeing we got the last weekend but cant wait to get out and do some scouting!
  7. Managed Turkey Hunts

    Question I got my letter for the hunt in Weldon Springs it came with an ID card. Does everyone in your party get a letter with an ID or how does that work it didnt have information in the packet. Thanks
  8. Missouri Outdoor/Hunting Shows?

    Heres a link to the one in Columbia http://missourideerclassic.com/index.html. The one in Collinsville im not sure if they are having it this year I cant find anything about it online.
  9. Missouri Outdoor/Hunting Shows?

    Hi, Is anyone aware of any outdoor/hunting shows in the st.louis area? The only one I can find is in columbia
  10. Weldon Springs CA

    Thanks for the info deerman!
  11. Weldon Springs CA

    If I get it I plan on doing a few days of scouting, Can anyone suggest a good site for map? Thanks again If I get it it\'ll be the first time I hunt public land so it\'ll be a different beast but looking forward to new challenges!
  12. Weldon Springs CA

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had view,tips about the area. Thanks
  13. Weldon Springs CA

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has hunted Weldon Springs CA and what their thoughts on the area are. I am thinking about hunting the area for spring turkey. Thanks for your input
  14. Managed Hunts

    Hi, I live in the St.Charles Co. area and thinking about putting my name in for a spring managed turkey hunt at either Busch Wildlife or Weldon Springs. Anyone have any tips I\'v never hunted public land also so not sure what to think. Thanks for your time
  15. Searching for new hunting land

    Has anyone had any luck with cheap leases? Central Mo. area