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  1. NALC Catahoula Pups

    I have three ,9 week old female pups, Red leopard with brown trim. 250.00 ea or trade573-576-8166jesusjunky1963@yahoo.compics on request
  2. First Hunting Trip By The House

    There are so many lie\'s going around about these hogs that it is almost funny. Media Scare tatic\'s, crazy stuff
  3. First Hunting Trip By The House

    Potosi Pic was a fake.oneshot if you need dogs give me a shout
  4. My Wife Wasn't Impressed

    needs bleach
  5. NALC Catahoula Pups

    I have for sale 1 female and 2 male pups ,hondo and weems bred 100.00 ea.http://s325.photobucket.com/albums/k397/jesusjunky1963/pups61811/573-576-8166
  6. Wild Game dinner and more

    I will be there about three,have to cook HOG
  7. Wild Game dinner and more

    there will be a wild game dinner and hunting clinic at Potosi Southern Baptist Church on sat.april 30 starts at 1:00 eat at 6:00 all welcome
  8. Pictures of hunt; as promised!

  9. Hog Hunt at Dakel near ANNAPOLIS MISSOURI ?

    let me know how it turns out. I have heard alot of different things about them good and bad
  10. Mechanicals For Hogs?

    shoot them 1/4ing aim behind the ribs and put the broad head in the chest cavity, one thing is that hog blood clots very very quick.
  11. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    you find fresh sign and I will bring the dogs
  12. Hog Tattoo

    I had this put on my calf a week ago tue.I have hog fever BAD....
  13. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    oooooooh, well I will come if needed
  14. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    If you ever need any help we are always looking for a place to run these dogs. Alabama is not too far LOL
  15. Catahoula Pups Soon

    I have two pups left...