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  1. What did you do today

    Did some cleaning around the house, went to the gym, then had to go to work for awhile. Now home relaxing.
  2. Thompson Center dimension

    Anyone have or used the Thompson Center dimension rifle system?
  3. What did you do today

    Thinking that squirrel killing may be on my list of things to do this weekend if I can find the time.
  4. What did you do today

    Went back to work today after being off for a week. What a slow day. Got home went for a walk with the wife and then made dinner. Now a little down time.
  5. suggestions for Memorial Day weekend?

    Johnson's Shut Ins is a great place to go.
  6. Who We Are....A must see video

    Great video.
  7. What did you do today

    Thanks. Geocaching can be a lot of fun. Good thing to do with kids.
  8. What did you do today

    Hoping this gets things started with kicking this site up a little. Really don't have any plans today. Wife had back surgery last week so spend most of my time since then taking care of her. Head back to work tomorrow.
  9. This site

    Need to add some additional post to get people together and have them want to check the site each day. The different hunting sections are nice but when the season runs out the sections seem to stop until the season starts back up. I'm going to start a section on "what did you do today" and see what happens.
  10. This site

    I have been away from this site for some time and I'm surprised that more things haven't been posted. I would be interested in helping in any way to make this site work. It's one of the few sites that deals just with the outdoors in Missouri and that's what I like about it.
  11. Glock Frontier Journal

    Spent the morning in the deer stand. Not sure why I picked this nice cold morning but I did. Was nice to be out even if the only deer I saw was running down the road in my headlights. Also helped my friend do a little housework on some of his deer stands.
  12. Central MO

    Work and family. Needing to get back to being in the woods and hunting. Hoping that being back on this site will kick me in the rear to make it happen.
  13. Central MO

    Was on this site a couple of years ago and just lost track of it. Looks like the site is trying to make a come back.