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  1. Got er' did

    It's been about since 2012 since I've been on here, had to go through some old post to even find my user name, that being said I arrowed a nice buck last Sunday morning, I had actually started my morning off in a different stand, and got busted by a doe. So I did something I had never done before, and went to a different stand in the middle of a hunt. Pulled the SD card out of my camera got in the stand and started looking through the card pics and noticed this buck had been to my stand the day before at 8:30 a.m. I looked at my phone it was 8:28 a.m. I looked up and he was jumping the fence 20 yards from me.
  2. My Wood Lot Kansas Buck

  3. Help.. NEW to heavy woods.

    deep woods hunting is easy, set up where it\'s easiest to walk. saddles are good. the food is everywhere so you dont really have to worry about food, if you can find a nice group of white oaks set up on that
  4. Anybody been hearing about blue tongue in there area?

    cwd infected a few deer. they are just taking nessisarry precautions
  5. SMO cover page

    earth changes constantly, i doubt we\'re done for. and we usually have very rainy springs, if you don\'t remember the bad spring weather usually is why we have a slight decrese in turkey populations every year. i\'d say there will be turkeys galore these next 3 years. as far as deer go we have too many already. used to be a person could hunt years before even seeing a deer. now i can kill a slick head in 10 minutes if i had to. if you want to help the deer kill a few more than usual, stock up on the meat and give the living deer a better chance at survival. people seem to forget as of right now, we\'re coming out of and ice age, the next 500 years will be full of change.
  6. Spend my money for me ..........

    matthews helium. light weight, quiet, smooth, solo cam. forgivngness of the bow, and what your getting with your money is the best bow money can buy. the bow is quick but not so fast that seeing the shot will be an issue. they have done things with this bow that simply cannot be matched by any dual cam. espesially where forgivingness is concerned.
  7. last night

    the land owner next to me has a son that bowhunts, he killed the buck last night, it was a 2.5 year old with 22 points, i\'ll be posting pics soon.
  8. Whos on the board

    3 does0 bucks
  9. UGH!!! Deer hunt

    deer see people all the time. they more than likley used that trail the day after
  10. kicked out!

    no, im a student. it was for showing blood:(
  11. WA - Banner Weekend