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  1. Big time youth success in KS!!!!

    Wow! Too cool! Great job!
  2. New guy

  3. Kind of new guy

    Welcome back Jess! I'm not far away in Raytown.
  4. Puck's '14/'15 Journal

    Went out to Lone Jack Lake for my fist time hunting. I was hoping for squirrel but struck out entirely. Saw a couple but just couldn't get a shot lined up. Still, is was a nice morning in the woods.
  5. Hey, hey, hey! It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday!

    Hopefully heading out for my first hunt Sunday morning. Just going after some small game.
  6. Don't be a brick head!

    Yup, my wife's uncle completely shattered a leg from a bad fall from a stand a few years back. He is just recently was able to get back to his job.
  7. It's Friday!

    Heading out to a pumpkin patch, along with a few other festivities. Then wrapping it up with the season premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday.
  8. Puck's '14/'15 Journal

    Oooooh, good idea! I was hoping to work the "providing meat for the family" angle.
  9. Come on Morning

    Good luck!
  10. Ebola

    Woot! I love Left 4 Dead. Be sure to supplement that education with watching The Walking Dead. So excited that the season premiere is this Sunday!!
  11. Took it with him...

    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was one of a kind.
  12. Ebola

    Ha! Thanks for the informative post!
  13. Ebola

    From my understanding it is transferred by bodily fluids. So just breathing the same air isn't enough. Now if I am infected, and I sneeze on my hand before opening a door, and then you open the same door and then rub your eye, it theoretically could get transmitted.
  14. Ebola

    Oh darn, I guess I will have to curb my habit of hanging around airports and sucking face with passengers of flights from Africa. ;-)
  15. Puck's '14/'15 Journal

    I passed my Hunter Safety course on Monday! The course instructors were nice enough, although I have to admit that they didn't teach anything that I hadn't already learned. The book had pretty much covered it all. But that is ok because I am now able to go purchase a hunting license. I plan to buy that and the rest of what I need this weekend. Unfortunately my lovely wife has booked nearly the entire weekend with family outings, so it looks like it will be just a little bit longer before I can get out there and track down some small game. I'll be sure to post again after my first time out.