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  1. Get together interest?

    Took a look at the cabin on loz today. Its located at the 13mile marker porto cima area in a no wake cove off the main channel. Its rented for all the big holidays, I can get it for a night or month lol. Has private dock 40ac of woods all the amenities actually I'd consider it a very nice house ready to move in. So if there's interest I guess a date for this shindig is next.
  2. What Critter Caused This???

    Maybe its an escapee from a highfence porkypine hunting outfit nearby.... :-)
  3. Waiting for coyotes?

    Locating in evenings can be a good thing for finding areas they use routinely. Predators as a class tend to frequent certain travelways loafing security areas just like deer turkeys etc. The more knowledge you gain you can start to see patterns develop in the area your hunting. I always had go to spots that produced oftentime multiple kills each sit. Most were found sitting in a deerstand. And don't rule out climbing a tree.
  4. What Critter Caused This???

    I've seen porkypines do that much damage. Maybe its a tall beaver?
  5. Addicts: Before and After....

    The Faces of Meth website should be required viewing in health class when they start talkin sex ed.
  6. Tackle Box Snacks

    That's interesting for sure and ill definitely store that one in my grey matter. I can see several ways I could use this or something similiar at work. Thanks for sharing!
  7. What Critter Caused This???

    The way i see it you only have two choices to solve this mystery hang a cam or headfirst in the hole!
  8. Holy Cow!

    They need dual synchronized motors but that was probably too bulky for practical use. Its still kinda big to tote around but it could be handy in some situations. The test would be saltwater fish or muskie/pike.
  9. Waiting for coyotes?

    I always gave it a half hr and then waited a lil longer jic. It really depends on location close quarters less time than wide open. My best calls came from bath toys. The metal reed ones not plastic. They fit real well in a ink pen and not having to listen to the noise when the kids took a bath was a plus.
  10. Get together interest?

    Took a week off and making a mo trip. Be taking a firsthand look at the loz cabin so I know what's available, location on the lake etc... he also has a place on truman but its not lakeside.
  11. What Critter Caused This???

    Only thing to do is crawl in the hole and find out! How tall to the top of the "rubs"? I've seen grey foxes mark trees similiarly near their dens but they were less than 3'tall
  12. KC Star Article About Attack on MDC

    When I was in Mark Romines 6-7th grade science class I sold a crapload of bumperstickers to get this passed. I was fortunate to have what I did growing up in Macon county and being addicted to the outdoors. I hope someday my grandkids and their grandkids too can experience just a small part of what I took for granted all my life. If these bills get passed I don't see that happening. Another point to consider. Anytime funds whether through sales tax or special use ie... cig tax has been earmarked by the legislature it rarely gets spent on its initial intended purpose. It somehow ends up in the general fund and is spent on more "pork" pun intended. One last thing that sticks out is the paying countys for rock and property tax. The rock is put on roads that provide access to areas they own to maintain decent access. Generally those access roads are way better than the gravel roads adjacent. How many farmers who do way more damage and pay a far less percentage of taxes go buy dumptruck loads of rock on their own every year to put down on county roads?
  13. Holy Cow!

    Sure dont! Kinda cool rc car adaptation but its underpowered needs a nitro motor or two stage rockclimbr tranny.
  14. KC Star Article About Attack on MDC

    Won't take long for the mdc to look like modot if they have their way. Perfect example to compare it too to "drive" the point home. If I were fighting this I'd be tieing them together and using it because that's exactly what will happen.
  15. Rat Snake Bites Lowes Shopper Between the Eyes

    Rat snakes tend to get grumpy and bite quick and often. My youngest daughter found that out the hard way many times. Common watersnakes are a bit more aggresive but not often your face to face with one of them.