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    Coon, squirrel, deer hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and camping. All with my family when possible
  1. New here.

    I live outside of Rice Lake right now, but I grew up in a small town between Eau Claire, and Lacrosse. Two winters ago was super cold and snowy but last year was ridiculous! The whole month of MARCH was below zero and the snow piles at the end of my driveway were 15' tall! I really think that Missouri is some of the most beautiful country that I've ever seen. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  2. New here.

    Hello! First off I am a country boy from Northern Wisconsin that is sick and tired of our uninhabitable winters up here! I have been to Missouri quite a few times (mostly just on I35), and this spring my wife and I went to Branson and then to Hot Springs, AR. I always liked Missouri but I (we) absolutely fell in love with your state after seeing the southern part of the state. I have just applied for a transfer to the Ft. Leonard Wood within the company that I work for. I love to coon, and squirrel hunt with my Mtn. Cur. I also really enjoy deer hunting and fish quite a bit also. I grew up raising quarter horses, and currently have 3 that we just trail ride with (no snoody toody showing lol.) My 7 year old boy loves hunting with "his" cur dog, fishing and riding the horses. We also like helping mama in the garden and canning the harvest (when the rabbits don't clean us out!) So with that long winded introduction do you think there's room enough for a yankee country boy, and his family in your state? Also any tips, or advice on things down there are greatly appreciated. Thanks!