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  1. Anybody put in for any managed hunts

    Congrats matt hunt it well think terrain tactics
  2. Anybody put in for any managed hunts

    Put in Not Drawn
  3. It's Friday.....again

    Well i got there 10 minutes before opening,and there was a line of about 50 to 75 peeps waiting outside. No biggie i thought well at opening time the line proceeded pretty well i grabbed a cart from outside as others were doing ;all nice and orderly like.As soon as i went thru the front door all bets were off however ,there were people literally running by me to get to where they were going.Then i couldnt find the dang stand that was on sale,so i asked an employee. He said right there apparently the stands were across the street in the warehouse and they were giving out paperwork with the price etc then u pay then go across and get one.Good news is i got one plus i got a butt out 2 a piece of camo moleskin,a knife steel and a product i been wanting to try called nose jammer. All in all a good day.
  4. It's Friday.....again

    Bass pro shops fall hunting classic at the st charles store. I want one of those $70 ladder stands and a few other items for deer season.
  5. Who's Been Slinging Arrows?

    been shooting almost every night for the past 2 weeks
  6. It's Friday!!

    Just got released by the doc for my shoulder problem.Really surprised me what a cortisone shot will do for ya:D So i am gonna shoot the bow i got about 1.5 years ago but never got it completely set up .Funny thing i took a vacation day to go see the doc and i was looking out my kitchen window and saw a BIG 8 crossing by my turnip patch so that\'s got me fired up a little:cooldance:
  7. what kind of broadhead do you shoot?

    Slick Trick original 100 grains
  8. It's Friday!

    RB car show in hermann ehhh you will prolly be rolling right by my house if ya take hwy 19 down from the north. I myself still have 5 gallons of peach melomel fermenting and just planted my food plots last saturday. Wife took a small video of 4 bucks in our backyard this morning:cheers:
  9. It's Friday!

    Making my first 5 gallon batch of peach mead today. Planting winter wheat and forage turnip food plots on saturday . And trying to keep cool ALL THE TIME
  10. It's Friday!

  11. It's Friday!

    HMMM i am thinking in a couple weeks (labor day weekend) i will be putting in the turnips and winter wheat.Might do a squirrel hunt this weekend .Been seeing ALOT of deer this yr by the way whats other folks seeing? compared to yrs past
  12. It's FRIDAY!!!

    Mushroom Hunting:smilebig::smilebig: and yard work ,planting some elderberries
  13. What do I want for Christmas?

    Jesus Christ.....................Thanks God for the Sacrifice
  14. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Putting up the x ams tree and lights today:cool:
  15. Good luck everyone

    Good hunting to u guys too.I dont know if i will get up and hunt early saturday morning (i get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning for work) so i value those weekend sleep ins pretty heavily but will prolly venture out around 7.a.m. or so then hunt sunday morning and evening also:cool: