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  1. An't Hog Hunting Fun?

    In parts of California where my friends hunted, all you have to do is look around for their watering hole during the day since there aren't as many watering holes, and then wait for dusk to shoot them when they got up and came for water. Apparently there are too many sources of water here to use that tactic since it hasn't worked out that well for me here.
  2. He's thinking of using solid slugs for a 12 gauge pump shotgun now. I'm thinking of using a SKS again.
  3. My dad has a .243 bolt action with a scope that he is thinking of boar hunting with. We would be brush hunting boar if the conservation agent says it is still ok to hunt them here. I'm trying to convince my dad that it isn't a good idea and that he should get a larger caliber semi-automatic. In my opinion his scope isn't fast at picking up targets as an open sight, the bolt action will be too slow if a boar charges, and the .243 is marginal. On the other hand it would be ok with a stand, which we won't be doing. Does anyone agree or disagree with me?
  4. An't Hog Hunting Fun?

    I like hog hunting but I'm no good at it. I guess I don't know enough about their behavior here.
  5. http://mdc.mo.gov/your-property/problem-plants-and-animals/invasive-animals/feral-hog-control I was looking up information on hog hunting only to find that the state website discourages hog hunting. It is also contradictory, saying shoot on site but not to hunt for them because it will interfere with official eradication efforts. I'm very discouraged about this. The guy who owns a local gunstore doesn't even believe me when I ask about it, saying that hunting is encouraged. I don't know what's going on.
  6. yay! I'm registered now!

    I'm in Washington County.
  7. Hello. I've been wanting to register for a while, but had trouble with the old forum software. I hunt mostly deer, hogs, and anything threatening my livestock, but I'm not good at it.