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  1. anyone seen any poults

    I saw 2 hens with about 10 plus poults the other day. bumped a hen while scouthing on Saturday and didn't see anything with her but she was in some thick stuff and was hard to see.
  2. An't Hog Hunting Fun?

    Spent the last five years hunting sloughs and swamps in SC. Hunted them with a bow from the ground with no side arm. They are aggressive on certain occasions, just like any other animal. While hog hunting in some of the places I was hunting, I was more concerned about being eaten by an alligator than being run down by a hog.
  3. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    I know a lot of folks, and most have been doing this a lot longer than I have, that still love those golden pheasant loads. They have killed a lot of turkeys from what I understand. If they shoot and pattern well with your set up.....DO IT!
  4. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    Yes. HeviShot went up in price down in quality. Fed HWs in 12 are to finicky to mess with. I guess I should spend the money on Nitros and stop trying to switch. If I would have just bought Nitros a couple years ago I would have saved a couple to several hundred bucks already. Live and Learn. The thing is....I am going to be buying a 3.5 inch gun soon....just to say I have one/shoot a big boy gun (or big idiots gun)
  5. Are You Ready???

    It started in the low country of SC on the 15 and starts tomorrow in the rest of the state. I will be out this weekend. My buddy and I have a date with two OLD toms that have been aggravating us the last couple of years.
  6. I currently run the following: 20ga 870 with a Truglo SSX choke, Hv13 7s....great hunting pattern. 12ga 870 3" with a PG 670 choke, Hv 13 6s and MBs. Was getting over 200 in the 10 at 40 but with the newer Hv 13 shells that has dropped significantly. I also have a Tristar G2 Viper same as the 12ga 870. I am about to order some NITROS, 457s anyone else using them?
  7. AKC Labs

    I will be moving to Warrensburg in the early part of May and am looking for a good family dog/hunting dog. I have always had labs, my daughter wants a lab, so I guess that\'s what we are set on. Anyone know of anywhere \"relatively\" close that breeds labs or might have a litter around that time?Also, are there any good trainers in that area? Obedience and/or hunt training kennels?
  8. Whats everyone shoot?

    Since I am new here, figured I would do something to get the activity generated. Here are my set upsAthens Archery Ibex x2One Vista NG1One Bonehead web camoTT smackdown restsTR React sightCX Pile Driver Arrows ST Mag BHWife has a Athens Accomplice 32TT Smackdown restBeman ICS hunter Arrows
  9. Few Prospects

    I cant wait til the season starts!!!
  10. If it\'s not to late, I will get in on it
  11. Newbie...

  12. Newbie...

    Hello all. I am new to the site and will soon be new to MO. I am being transplanted from Shaw AFB, SC to Whiteman AFB, MO right at the first of May. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know as many folks from here as I can. I am a member of a scoutdoor forum and it has been a blast. Met some great people from that site. Looking forward to it, Chris