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  1. :cheers: Congrats!
  2. heres a little better pic...
  3. got a coupl pics of this guy...
  4. Good stuff!!
  5. mmmmm goood!
  6. Nice pics!
  7. Welcome:cheers:
  8. Finally made it back out to the farm. Felt great! trying to prep for forearms season this year after being sick and missing all of deer, duck and goose season last year. Been away from here for too long also! Trying to get back in the swing of things and excited to read all the threads and check out all the pics! and safe and productive to all this year!
  9. Things have been crazy for me again gradeeated College 2 weeks ago but have a couple classes left to finish up. Missed turkey season all together, missed spring crappie, not I\'m focusing on the fall. I start back for my MBA in July...Guess Im a glutton for punishment .I\'ll be lurkin when I can..Good to see everyone
  10. Congrats!
  11. Way to go Dan!
  12. Got this link off facebook. Numbers were down 12% first weekend...,36482,
  13. Congrats on number1!!
  14. Nice Deer!!!