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  1. I have some once fired brass for sale

    Just sent an email to my friend back in WV. he is a reloading fool. still have any left?
  2. 2011 Gun Season

    GREAT JOB....
  3. Black Powder help

    I agree...i have one in 28 great for sabots...less twist i would use maxi or patched ball. With open sights and in brush you probably will never overshoot a patched ball.
  4. Shot my best buck tonight!

    very nice....
  5. Old timer down *PIC ADDED*

    Dang that is great....lots of character. I like it.
  6. Hunter's Buck

    wow that is awesome
  7. Buck Down this Morning!!

    Good job Thats a nice deer.
  8. BBD by muddinmann67(updated with better Pictures)

    Thats just awesome!
  9. baged my first kill with the long bow

    Good shooting.
  10. Got my first buck!! - UPDATED WITH PIC

    Congrats....good job
  11. 11/13/11 Doe

    Nice doe good eating....congrats
  12. Not meaning to whine....but

    Well as everyone noticed and I posted earlier I am moving back to WV. My wife is already back there and I stayed in KC while house is selling. The bank has been great and we should sell because its a heck of a deal. My wife went back in late sep. had an auction afterwards and took a bath on that one....:thumbdown:Then went to visit 2 weeks ago in my diesel VW pulling a trailer. Stopped in Indiana got a jump on a green light and someone was late on a red. 13 stitches and 2 days later I resumes in a rental car. Totaled car and trailer and most stuff in the vehicles. I am going to take my wifes car get a truck beater for hunting and we will get her something bigger. My car was wiped but the SUV drove away....something to be said for size. In the meantime here is what is killing me. I drove the rental back to Kansas City returned it and will drive a uhaul back to wv when the house sells. I hope I can get back to do some late muzzleloader hunting but I had no way to get up to where I hunt (bus does not go that far...). I am thankful no one was hurt and other than utter frustration and some damaged furniture all has went well. i am missing deer season and its killing me though. I feel like I am on house arrest....lol. So shoot one for me and post the pics. I thought I might have one shot at a missouri deer....but alas.Oh one good thing My great nephews father has some property in Ohio and it has a couple of bruisers. No one hunts it so I may have to try the january ohio season only 125.00 for out of state license which is a bargain for ohio. Also 25 minutes from where I will live. Thanks for letting me vent.
  13. Old timer down *PIC ADDED*

    Can\'t wait to see it congrats.
  14. Got one this afternoon

    Very Nice deer....congrats
  15. Team 2 is on the board with a buck...

    That is indeed an awesome looking buck.