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  1. Strut all the way
  2. I found a mess of blacks yesterday and about 20 grays today in central Missouri
  3. Team 6, 8pt = 80pts
  4. You posted two bucks within nine days of each other. You never once suggested that someone else took the deer or that you or anyone else took the deer in a different state. Anybody on this site could have come to the same conclusion that he did if it even was him.
  5. Congrats
  6. Saw a mature buck today with his neck all swelled up, a gash on his front shoulder and his tarsals were nice and dark. To bad I was working
  7. Thanks for leavin that buck for me
  8. Nice buck. hard to beat the rage in the cage.
  9. team 6 archery doe = 75 pts forgot to take picture buit trkyslyr can verify
  10. Dont you hate it when you follow your gps to said tree, which it turns is not at that location. Then the sun comes up and you realize your about 50 yds off the trail you wanted to be on as you watch 2 deer walk by where you should be. Guess i should have went old school and used reflective tacks.
  11. Back country and scoutlook
  12. dove hunting in the morning with trkyslyr but I'll be in the tree in the afternoon.
  13. Dove hunted for the first time this year and I realized a few things. You never have enough shells. I really suck at hitting fast moving small targets. Doves are delicious and it is a freaking blast. I have shot more shells in three days of dove hunting than I have shot at all other game put together.
  14. I found an eastern cauliflower mushroom yesterday, gonna try it with some dove breasts.
  15. Rage extremes. been to good to me not to keep using them.