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  1. Bucks loosing velvet

  2. Bucks loosing velvet

    A nice 8 in my yard. Young deer. otobucket.com/user/alltel/media/IMG_0708.jpg.html][/URL]
  3. Its friday

    baitin hook and taking fish off sounds fun to me too. We didn't catch a bunch but just being on the river was nice!! Sat Saturday evening and watch the sun go down and not a boat in sight. very relaxing.
  4. My "Beat the Clock" Caribou

    Heck ya!! Congrats on a hunt of a lifetime. I seen it over on MWT too.
  5. Its friday

    with the 3 day weekend, I'm planning to fish the upper current river one day and eleven point the next day. Hopefully have enough fish for a good fry.
  6. Bucks loosing velvet

    I've seen about a dozen bucks in the last 2-3 weeks that have lost their velvet. Some big, some small. Gonna put out some cams at the house and see what Ive got there. Anyone else seeing hard horns?
  7. Heading for the tundra tomorrow!

    Good luck Darren. Sounds like a blast.
  8. last day bird

    Finally made it come together. Last morning at that!!! He wasn't where they normally are, which is across the gravel on another one of the properties we can hunt. Didn't get to him till he flew down but he continued to gobble so I figured he was by himself. Got on the edge of a wood lot, which had a green strip around it. He gobbled and wasn't 70 yards away. Set up the full strutter and a hen decoy. Made a few calls and he answered every call. Got him really fired up and within minutes he was running to the strutter. Had a Mexican standoff for a few but I couldn't take it no more and rolled him at 18 steps. 21.60 lbs, 10 beard, 1" on one side, 7/8 on other. Hunted with my little brother so it was a hunt to remember!!! Had him on the ground at 6:16. Son also got married yesterday so it was a great day!!!
  9. Where is everybody?

    Place seems to have died out. The wife killed one yesterday in the storms.
  10. Bout that time!!!

    Bout time to shoot something in the face!!!! I know I'm ready!!
  11. Patterning my flintlock turkey gun

    Looks like a dead bird.
  12. It won't be long!

    Fixing to start breaking ground too. With all the flowers up and trees budding it defiantly wont be long. But I'm betting winters not completely over yet. I hope so, lol.
  13. My 2016 Buck

    Got this guy opening day. Wasn't my biggest by far but he will eat good. Didn't have him on camera and he hadn't started even rutting yet. Tarsals were clean. He came grunting every time a foot hit the ground so he thought he was a big boy. Lot of meat for $17, lol.
  14. Opening Day In My Neck Of The Woods

    Heck ya, Nice buck and congrats.
  15. Opening Day In My Neck Of The Woods

    Heck ya, Nice buck and congrats.