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  1. 3lb 10oz

    That\'s a serious crappie there. Awesome!
  2. First Bow Kill!!

    Cool post. I just bought my first bow Jan 3rd of this year. So next year will be my first bow season. I didn\'t start deer hunting until after my 40th birthday and to date have only shot one deer, a small doe, two years ago (2011 rifle season).Great reading your post. I can\'t wait to join you in having taken a deer with a bow.
  3. People like this moron just don\'t get what the 2nd amendment was created for. They honestly think that it protects our rights to own guns for recreation and hunting. They can then reason that we don\'t need to hunt since we have grocery stores. We don\'t need dangerous recreation (we simply don\'t know what is in our best interest). But they never stop to consider that the 2nd amendment is #2 on the list for a reason. It is important that people can protect themselves from enemies, foreign and domestic. And this isn\'t a referral to burglars and criminals. Protection from our very own government is necessary as well. It allows the power to remain with the people.There were a few million people less than 100 years ago in eastern Europe that would have been well served to have more guns than they did have. Hitler rounded up the Jews and Catholics and whoever else the masses had decreed, unworthy of life. People seem to miss this history lesson. Many of the people the Germans killed were respectable members of society just years before they were shoved into furnaces and gas chambers. They were people just like you and me. The government and media of the time convinced others that mass murder on a grand scale was OK. German soldiers, young men, were told to kill helpless men, women and children and they did it. How do you get these young men to perform these atrocities? You brain wash them, just as the left wing media does today in the USA. Our 2nd amendment is our last line of defense against the possibility that some day, it may be you that the current \'powers that be\' may decide that you and your family are unworthy of life.That got way deeper than I planned on. Ah well, that\'s my 2 cents.
  4. I never wondered. Knew from the get go.
  5. New Member - well sort of

    Hello all. This is my first post on the site, although I\'ve been a member (registered) for over 5 years. LOL. I\'m located in St. Charles, MO.Anyway, I\'m a regular on the MissouriWhitetails forum (same username here and there). Anyway, I\'m going to try and be more active here as well as there. See you around.